Why Snapchat is so popular among Teens

News 05:11 November 2023:

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There is a very good reason as to why Snapchat is very common among teens. One of these reasons is that it is easy to use and also to share pictures and videos. Compared to Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat presents a platform where anyone can post their pictures and videos without necessarily revealing their identity. In addition, Snapchat also does not openly show who is following or even viewing your photos like in other social platforms. As a result, it may sometimes even be difficult to know how many Snapchat views you have or the number of friends you have acquired over a certain period of time. He only thing you are shown is a score on your Snapchat profile.

The other reason why Snapchat seems so attractive to kids and teenagers is that the information and photos shared do not last for a very long time. As soon as the pictures has been viewed they disappear meaning they can share stupid pictures and no one will be able to track that information after that. Some also love Snapchat because their parents are not able to see their message. And last but not least, the more the Snapchat views one has, the more popular they become amongst their friends.