How to Send Photos Privately To Friends on Instagram

News 02:09 September 2023:

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Not all the users on the Instagram social media platform are using the platform for commercial purpose, to gunner more instagram likes, advertise their brand and or grow their popularity. Such users use this social media platform for personal purpose only, such as to share photos with their friends and family or rather to socialize with a closed network of friends and family.

Such instagram users do not need to publicly share their photos neither do they need instagram likes from random users on the platform. Currently, it is possible for users to control their privacy on this platform. As such, it possible to send photos and videos to those you desire directly.  For this purpose, you will have to use Instagram direct.

  1. Go to the home option on the main instagram screen.
  2. You need to click on the drawer-like image displayed on the top right side of the home screen

This will present the instagram direct feature for you to use.