Blocking Annoying Snapchat Followers Quickly.

News 12:09 September 2023:

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There’s time you get annoying snaps and videos from your snapchat followers that you decide that you can’t take it anymore. It is here that a decision to block some that come in. It must not necessarily be annoying but maybe sending pornographic content that offends you. Don’t waste time putting up with such persons that are not adding value. Try the following tips to block that person from your snapchat followers;

This is a simple process done in seconds. Go to your snapchat app and proceed to your friend’s list. Scroll down the entire list to point out the username of the person you wish to block from being your follower. Tap on the name once and a gear icon will be displayed on the right side of their username. Proceed to tap the gear icon and a pop-up will appear with the option of “Block” the person. On tapping, the username will be moved to the blocked section that is displayed at the bottom of your current friend’s list. It is easy to identify as there is a red line that shows the blocked persons. After that, the username is blocked from your timeline and will no longer be able to send you snaps or view yours.